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Enterprise Class Video Storage Device

  • 60 FPS
  • 4K UHD
  • H.264 & H.265
  • RAID 6

PSN 4 delivers real-time, evidential quality recording of SD, HD and 4K video streams from a variety of proprietary and third-party cameras and encoders, including ONVIF compatible devices.
Available in a short form factor, the PSN 4 is engineered with non-proprietary enterprise class components for high speed performance and ease of maintenance ensuring exceptional data throughput and reliability.

Flexible Storage Options
The variety of storage capacities (from 4TB – 200TB) provides improved cost per TB across the PSN 4 product range. Customers can select the ‘per unit’ storage size to meet their site
needs; such as large-scale multi-site deployments, or specific storage demands that require high resilience and redundancy, or economic use of rack space.

Enterprise-Class Technology for Redundancy and
Redundancy is delivered via auto-rebuild storage arrays using 4, 6 ,8, 10, 14 or 16TB hard drives which can be hot swapped during live operation to minimise downtime, while dual hot swap power supplies, error-correcting code RAM and 10 Gigabit network connections ensure optimum resilience and uptime for mission critical sites.

The PSN 4 self-monitors server components and data integrity with automated user notification of critical errors and manages the auto restart sequence in the event of a catastrophic failure such as power loss. Through Synergy 3 command and control platform, further safeguards can be configured for additional redundancy and resilience including camera prioritization to ensure the storage of high-value video footage and many-to-many server failover.

Storage Management to Meet Your Needs
Synectics flexible, user-friendly storage management software allows users to individually configure each video stream’s frame rate, resolution, retention and data rate. Streams can be configured to record real-time or time lapse frame rates.

Every recorded video stream is authenticated to 256-bit using SHA-2 hashing, applied at the point of recording ensuring video authenticity throughout its evidential life.

High Data Throughput for Evolved Performance
The large storage capacity available with the PSN 4 is complimented by high throughput capability with up to 700 Mbps of continuous data input foreach device. Throughput is optimally managed to enable the received videodata to be re-broadcast to a maximumof 384 Mbps via multiple streams.

Individual streams can be configured as per user preference for complete control, and this feature is particularly useful where network bandwidths are limited and streaming is normally restricted to the camera capability.

Network Video Protection
As video is increasingly being capturedat the edge and transmitted across networks, protection against video loss in the event of network failure is essential. PSN 4 is  compatible with Synectics Backfilling technology whichprovides uninterrupted local device recording to protect data in the event of a network failure. Synectics IP cameras, equipped with local recordingstorage media, can be configured in Synergy 3 to record constantly or when a network fails. Upon network restoration, Synergy 3 identifies any missing video on the networked storage servers and then automatically‘backfills’ or copies the appropriate video from IP camera or edge-encodeddevices back onto the storage devices.

Video data is seamlessly and continuously restored to ensure there is no video loss.

Ethernet 2 x 10Gbps Ethernet available for Teaming
USB 3 x USB 3.0 (1 Front, 2 Rear)
2 x USB 2.0 (2 Rear)
Display 1 x VGA
Inbound Stream Support Up to 700 Mbps
Outbound Stream Support Up to 384 Mbps
Lockable Front Panel Yes
Synectics Advanced Health Monitor Yes
Quick Lock Rack Kit Yes
Advanced Out-of-Band Remote
Management Service including
SNMP Alarms Yes
Synergy Advanced Alarms Yes
Advanced Motion Detection Yes
Synergy Alarm Management System Yes
O/S Windows IOT LTSB
Hot Swap PSU Yes (2 x in each model)
Power Consumption 1U – Max 300w, Normal 140w
3U – Max 550w, Normal 280w
BTU’s 1U – Max 1025 per Hour, Normal 478 per Hour
3U – Max 1875 per Hour, Normal 995 per Hour
REQUIREMENTS ( Fiber options available)
1 Port 2 Ports (Data Connections) 3 Ports (2 x Data Connections,
1 x Dedicated Management IPMI)
1 x 10Gpbps / 1Gbps Y N/A N/A
2 x 10Gpbps / 1Gbps N/A Y Y
Out-of-Band Management Connection Y Y Y
Dedicated Management Connection N/A N/A Y
Adapter Fault Tolerant N/A Y Y
Switch Fault Tolerant N/A Y Y
Adaptive Load Balancing N/A Y Y
Static Link Aggregation N/A Y Y
Dynamic Link Aggregation N/A Y Y
Size (H x W x D) 1U – 45 mm x 430 mm x 540 mm / 1.7” x 17” x 21.2”
3U – 135 mm x 430 mm x 540 mm / 5.3” x 17” x 21.2”
Weight 1U – 6 kg / 13 lb
3U – 30 kg / 66 lb
Operating Temperature 18°C – 30°C (64°F – 86°F) recommended.
Maximum normal operating temp 35°C (95°F).
Short term maximum operating temp up to 45°C (113°F) for up to 1% of maximum yearly uptime.
Storage Temperature -20°C – 80°C (-4°F – 176°F)
Humidity 5% to 90% non-condensing, 40% recommended
Certifications and Approvals RoHS Compliant
EMI / EMC Certification
UL 60950-1:2007
CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 60950
EMC 2004/108/EC
RMS Motion Detection
SNMP Alarms
Automatic RAID configuration and advanced monitoring
SY-PSN4-1U-3.6TB Synectics PSN 4 1U 3.6TB RAID1 4TB HD
SY-PSN4-3U-21TB ynectics PSN 4 3U 21TB RAID6 4TB HD
SY-PSN4-3U-36TB Synectics PSN 4 3U 36TB RAID6 4TB HD
SY-PSN4-3U-50TB Synectics PSN 4 3U 50TB RAID6 4TB HD
SY-PSN4-3U-75TB Synectics PSN 4 3U 75TB RAID6 6TB HD
Y-PSN4-3U-100TB Synectics PSN 4 3U 100TB RAID6 8TB HD
SY-PSN4-3U-126TB Synectics PSN 4 3U 126TB RAID6 10TB HD
SY-PSN4-3U-176TB Synectics PSN 4 3U 176TB RAID6 14TB HD
SY-PSN4-3U-200TB Synectics PSN 4 3U 200TB RAID6 16TB HD
Hard Disk Drive 4TB HDD (SATA, 4Kn) Y-SERVER-V4-FRU-4TB PSN 4 (SATA)
Hard Disk Drive 6TB HDD (SATA, 4Kn) SY-SERVER-V4-FRU-6TB PSN 4 (SATA)
Hard Disk Drive 8TB HDD (SATA, 4Kn) SY-SERVER-V4-FRU-8TB PSN 4 (SATA)
Hard Disk Drive 10TB HDD (SATA, 4Kn) SY-SERVER-V4-FRU-10TB PSN 4 (SATA)
Hard Disk Drive 14TB HDD (SATA, 4Kn) SY-SERVER-V4-FRU-14TB PSN 4 (SATA)
Hard Disk Drive 4TB HDD (SAS, 4Kn) Y-SERVER-V4-FRU-4TB-SAS PSN 4 (SAS)
Hard Disk Drive 6TB HDD (SAS, 4Kn) SY-SERVER-V4-FRU-6TB-SAS PSN 4 (SAS)
Hard Disk Drive 8TB HDD (SAS, 4Kn) SY-SERVER-V4-FRU-8TB-SAS PSN 4 (SAS)
Hard Disk Drive 10TB HDD (SAS, 4Kn) SY-SERVER-V4-FRU-10TB-SAS PSN 4 (SAS)
Hard Disk Drive 12TB HDD (SAS, 4Kn) SY-SERVER-V4-FRU-12TB-SAS PSN 4 (SAS)
Hard Disk Drive 14TB HDD (SAS, 4Kn) SY-SERVER-V4-FRU-14TB-SAS 176TB PSN 4, PSN 4 (SAS)
Hard Disk Drive 16TB HDD (SAS, 4Kn) SY-SERVER-V4-FRU-16TB-SAS PSN 4 (SAS)
Power Supply Hotswap PSU Module (1U) SY-SERVER-V4-FRU-PSU-MODULE-1U PSN 4 1U
Power Supply Hotswap PSU Module (3U) SY-SERVER-V4-FRU-PSU-MODULE-1U PSN 4 3U
Rack Mount Kit Rack Mount Kit (1U) SY-SERVER-V4-FRU-RACK-1U PSN 4 1U
Rack Mount Kit Rack Mount Kit (3U) SY-SERVER-V4-FRU-RACK-3U PSN 4 3U